Own Works


Escape from 1884

Locklyle+Skull time travel, fuckin with the past #easter eggs for british readers

Delinquent Girls

Lucy-Norrie role swap ft L&Co!Norrie, ghostcult!Lucy-->DEPRAC agent!Lucy (ships undecided? Extra pain at the bone glass auction.)

Silver-shot and Black and Blue

(Working Title)

Lucy-Lockood Dead Family Swap (the co meet as young Fittes agents; all the Lockwoods alive and well while Lucy's entire family tragically died in a ghost related event she feels responsible for not preventing, ft George as George. ± Orpheus society?)

Introducing LKC Associates

Not Novels


Tangent to a Closed Loop


Local Tired Adults

Meet the Karims (yes, all of them)

Conversation Games

Eleven Birthdays in Liminal Space

Cot3+Flo + Kipps/Norrie | growing up (Lockwood: people go away and come back; Lucy: it's ok to need things; George: your people love you even as your worth is not bound up in other people)


Mendelian Inheritance

The Kevin Saga

All shorts/500-1500w I HOPE

Year Zero

Georgewood UST

"Canon compliant"

Walls Have Ears

Equal Footing

Oops fell in love with my fwb before we became fwb; Karbones + Locklyle ("stupid george and his stupid love life. how dare he.")

Open Invitation

The Hollow Boy ending slightly to the left (the cafe is an intervention and everybody comes, but Holly is the one who tells Lucy they had no right to)

Blooms in Gray

Yes, Like A Date (working title)